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The Most Common Ways to Start Investing in Bangalore Real Estate


One of the most popular and oldest ways to invest is in real estate. Most new real estate investors know this, but they don't know how many different kinds of investments exist in real estate.

Well, there are lots of different kinds of investments in real estate that you may consider for your portfolio.  If you're keen on developing, owning, acquiring, or flipping property, you can better understand the peculiarities you're dealing with by breaking down Bangalore real estate into different categories.


Residential investments


These are properties like houses, townhouses, vacation houses, and apartment buildings where a family or person pays rent to stay in the property. How long they live there depends on the rental or lease agreement you sign with them.


Commercial investments


These consist mostly of office buildings including skyscrapers. If you take part of your savings to build a small complex with single offices, you might let them out to small business owners and companies. It's not unusual for commercial investments to have multi-year leases. This may significantly stabilize cash flow, and even shield the owner from declining rental rates. However, if the market booms and rents increase significantly over a short time, it may be impossible to enjoy the gains as the office block is tied to old agreements. For more information, you may also check http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/celebrity-real-estate/.


Industrial investments


Industrial investments in real estate can comprise everything from storage units to car washes and industrial warehouses that companies use as distribution centers. Industrial real estate often has considerable fee as well as service revenue streams, like the addition of coin-operated vacuums at car washes to increase the owner's return on investment. Learn how to Invest in Bangalore.


Retail investments


These Bangalore real estate investments comprise strip malls, shopping malls, as well as other retail stores. Sometimes the property owner also receives a fraction of sales made by the store owner on top of the base rent to motivate them to maintain the property.


Mixed-use investments


These investments combine any of these categories into one project. For example, you can take several million dollars and buy land. Then you can get financing from a bank and build a 3-story office complex surrounded by retail stores. The bank that lends you the money can lease the ground floor, bringing you significant rental income. You can lease the other floors to other businesses, including a membership gym, a restaurant, a hair salon, and an upscale retail store. Mixed-used real estate is popular for people with considerable assets as they've got a certain level of built-in diversity, which is essential for managing risk.